Police Quest 3

Adventure 1991 Dos Dosbox Sierra Third Person Crime investigation

Better in graphics, poorer in interactivity

The Police Quest series has been all over the place in terms of quality, and interactivity. It has dabbled in the so called live video interactive bits, the sort of manner in which the oldschool adventure genre has touched upon the ideas of quick time events, but it has also managed to put to shame games such as the ones in the CSI series and that years before that series of games. Still, I'd say that loving this series will have to ask ofyou to be a very special type of person; one that doesn't mind the occasional cacophony of disparate, graphical elements, some that look a certain style, the others that look way different, will have to put up with a lot of control quirks and will also have to have a love for a bit of the old swiping of the screen with the mouse until your eyes bleed (hopefully not literally!). At any rate, Police Quest 3 is certainly the better title in the series, more mature, more advanced graphically and more diverse in gameplay, but still, from time to time reminding of the quirks of the older brothers. But some simply put up with that, because the good bits are really very good!

Classic adventure game with a good plot

It is good adventure game which takes you into the world of police officers and how their job can gets really life threatening. There have been many games on this subject but they have tried to portray this one with a lot more variety and details. The story or the plot of the game is what will really fascinate you because it involves a good amount of suspense and keeps you guessing about what will happen next. The thing which I did not like is that you have to enter a code whenever you arrest some suspect and that code due to the copy protection can only be found in the game manual. You will have to read the manual to get an idea about where to get the codes. The characters in the game are very well written and incorporated. Every other person will feel like a suspect and that's what makes them game really exciting to play. This point and click adventure game has some really good graphics with sift controls and a good variety of options. The music is also very well-tuned and unique and sets up a good rhythm for the gameplay. I also like Blue Force which is a great adventure game.

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