Police Quest 1 - VGA remake

Adventure 1992 Dos Dosbox Sierra On-Line Third Person Crime investigation

A pure and innovative remake

Police Quest In Pursuit of the Death Angel (VGA Remake) is a 1992 adventure detective game developed and released by Sierra On-Line. It is a version with improved graphics and controls, whose interface offers icons for interacting with the world and environment. Those that played the original version will be more relieved with the better options prepared for them, and only gamers that tried the first version know what I am talking about. From this point of view I assure you that you won't be tensed up, being able to concentrate and get implied more in the story and action. The plot stays the same, with the same crime, events, and you play as the patrol officer Sonny Bonds. The design is reproduced, the cartoony graphics are replaced by stylized, more detailed 256-color VGA backgrounds. Also, the actors and characters are rendered with video captures. This VGA version comes with new sounds and music, that won't seem dated even for the nowadays picky adventurers. The gameplay is fast, smooth and offers new, various ingredients and interesting elements. That is why you can't miss this Police Quest episode, especially if you call yourself an authentic classic game collector and a real detective!

Better graphics than the original

When the original release of Police Quest 1 was released, it was very popular, so, several years later, Sierra decided to make a remake with updated graphics and controls. And it definitely paid off. The original, simple graphics have been replaced with beautiful hand-painted backdrops, and the animations have been motion-captured from real actors. Also, the original non-intuitive controls have been replaced with simple point and click. Unfortunately, they have barely changed the gameplay, so this game is VERY short in comparison to other Sierra releases. The gameplay is also very different from other adventures: there are no puzzles in this game. This game is more like a police-simulator, since it revolves on just following correct police procedure. But that doesn't mean it isn't fun. The verdict: if you want an adventure with lots of fun puzzles, look the first PQ episode. If you are a big Sierra fan, or would like to play a super realistic police simulator, download it now!!!

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