Leisure Suit Larry

Adventure 1987 Dos Sierra Humorous Graphical IF Mature Content

Here's Larry!

This is the original entry in the classic adventure series that offers a similar kind of humorous fun and gameplay to Space Quest or Discworld. This entry is pretty typical for the franchise and introduces gamers to lovable loser Larry, who only wants to find someone to settle down with, although he does this is rather strange ways. The story basically follows Larry's increasingly labored attempts to find the lady of his dreams and which sees him exploring a variety of environments, from seedy bars to convenience stores and casinos. In terms of the gameplay, this is a classic third person point-and-click adventure, where you'll follow the story as you roam around, solving various inventory-based puzzles and trying to pick up your favorite ladies. This is most definitely an adult game, both in terms of the visual content and the dialogue, so be warned before you pick this up, as it might offend. There are several ways you can die in the game, with some humorous death scene animations to enjoy, and which actually makes things even more appealing. Leisure Suit Larry really is a classic of the genre and stands up well today. The visuals are pretty decent and pack a surprising amount of personality, with a great use of color and some nicely detailed environments. The puzzles are generally clever and require some lateral thinking, while the script really brings the characters to life in entertaining fashion. The simple but intuitive interface helps no end, and overall, this remains a must have game in any adventure fan's collection.

For humour lovers

If you need to put a smile on your face, try this graphical adventure game where you have some very good fun elements waiting for you. The fun element starts with the plot of the game where you will be playing as Larry who is a 40 year old man and has been living in a basement. The funny thing is that Larry is still virgin and needs to explore a lot about this world for which he sets off to the city. Larry's quest is basically to search out the women of his dreams: well he will find quite a few that he never dreamt off. There are four to 5 lady characters in the game and Larry needs to make it through to the ultimate one he desires. The game plays fine with the graphical interface and the arrows keys where you will type in commands for interacting with various characters. The funny lines in the game are the one which I enjoyed the most because they are very well incorporated with reference to the scenarios. The graphics are good as well but it lacks in terms of the variety in the level designs. It served as a great start to the series which involves a lot of games such as Leisure Suit Larry 6.

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