AEGIS: Guardian of the Fleet

Simulation 1994 Dos Time Warner Interactive Organized Forces

Good navy submarine simulation

It's a great simulation of a submarine which involves a great variety of missions that will be performed in seven battle sets and different training areas. It also features a detailed war book where you have a good variety of different weapons and involves platform information as well. It models the US navy war carrier which involves a good depiction of the various defensive, offensive and sensor systems that are involved in navy submarines war ships. There levels have been defined in the game in which at the first level, you will easily see your enemies without the use of the sensor. At the second level, the enemies will have to be first detected and then you can launch the attack. However they will not react to the attack at the second level. The third level which is the toughest is the level at which the enemies will use their counter measures against you. The good thing is that you can select the missions to your liking. Either plays all the missions in one battle or perform them in different sets of battles. The graphics are very indulging and the game involves some good tactical measures which need to be taken at the optimal time. The sound is very good because it is in line with the theme. It's not great but surely a good simulation submarine game. In submarine simulation games, you also have the likes of Aces of the Deep.

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