Simulation 2001 Windows WizardWorks Fishing Shooter Indie

Undersea hunting simulation

What this game simulates is very specific: undersea hunting of sharks! Sounds dangerous? Well, it can be, as the shark species this game simulates are both aggressive and more lenient. But, bring the smell of blood into the equation and you get a lot of sharks rile up. So, the game puts a harpoon in your hand, a tank of oxygen on your back and a world that looks nice enough, though it can be a bit bland at times. But remember, you are under the water, so you can't really expect too much from that. See a shark by accident or because you've deployed a lure and it's time to hunt. Remember, you're not packing a rifle or a machine gun, but a measly harpoon that can take a while to reach its target and even a longer period to deal some damage. Also, harpooning is not about instant killing, but rather about making the shark bleed until it no longer has the energy to move. So, this is what the game offers, something a lot different than fishing games, say, Pro Bass Fishing 2003 but much more akin Blue Water Hunter, another game that is interested in the fishing and hunting done from under the surface of the sea.

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