Trick Blast

Simulation 2000 Windows MW Productions Pool or Snooker

A well produced billiards puzzler

All billiards and pool games manage to put a few puzzles in there, as a sort of game within the game bonus, but Trick Blast goes all the way, focused exclusively on pool tricks. For inspiration it looks at cricket, football, foosball, soccer and more kinds of games, which it takes and modifies to be played on a table or some other surfaces, and to play via balls interacting with one another. As you will find out, it's really beautifully crafted and, for the most part, Trick Blast is a really enticing and beautiful game. More than anything, Trick Blast is large; it has loads of puzzles, and all of them have a cool idea; the sport or game that they are based on is not exploited mindlessly; it's a cool twist or look at that particular game. And thus, it's really interesting and beautiful. Graphically though, Trick Blast it's not some revelation. Some of the boards/set-ups looks a little too simplistic. But the gameplay is not too influenced by this, and so, Trick Blast will not disappoint you. More than anything, Trick Blast, compared to a vanilla billiards puzzler is pretty nifty and original, and thus, worth for puzzler and billiards inspired games lovers.

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