Port Royale

Strategy 2003 Windows Kalypso Media Digital Trade or management Naval Real time Historical

A pirate's life

There is something appealing in a pirate's life. Set aside the fact that they were bloodthirsty killers that raided innocent merchant ships and killed their crews, destroyed entire towns, ravaged and burned everything in their wake. Every kid everywhere, at some point, wanted to become a pirate. Port Royale allows you just that (you can also try Port Royale 2). Of course, you can take the honest, hard working way of a free merchant, peddling your goods from town to town. But it is not so fun. Is it? It's much better to stalk and capture innocent trade ships of the coast of Cuba. Now something about the game itself. Plot is set in the Caribbean, somewhere in 16th & 17th century. You are given a single ship and a cartload of opportunity to earn money. Trading, production of goods, running errands for the local governor's are all viable options. Then there is the hard way. If you become a pirate, every single ship will come after you, and believe me, it takes a lot of effort to stay alive, even more to make a buck or two. If you want a little more relaxed gameplay, there is the option of becoming a privateer. Basically a pirate, but with a license to kill. Issued by the governor himself. Middle ages James Bond, without the gadgets. This game has a lot to offer and to keep you playing. For instance, if you hang around bars long enough, someone will try to sell you a piece of a treasure map. If you manage to collect all pieces, well, you find the treasure. Also, if you help out the governor several times, he will grow fond of you, and he just might have a pretty daughter for you to marry, if you so choose. But don't expect a free ride. You will have to dish out a nice wedding gift, a big feast at the local market and so on. Fun gameplay, good sound and music, nice graphics make this game a must have if you're into pirates......of course you are. Ye scurvy old dog.

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