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A fan made sub game; playable

As many other games that were submitted to magazines, this one too is an ASCII based arcade/simulation game, that puts you in control of an US submersible and wants nothing more than to see you take on all the other submersibles from the opponents. And, while the action is nothing too special, you can't but see that this game is highly playable, even if such a simple thing in design. Basically, you see your own submarine in the center of the map/sea, and the rest of the submarines appear at random, here and there. You have a limited amount of time to shoot, and, if you're skilled enough you can avoid being shot at, though some of the projectiles will track you away and need to be shot to be avoided. You get a lot of statistics at the top of the screen, which is advantageous if you care for this information. However, this info does little to influence how the game actually plays, and is there more to take space and to specify information which you can already know, just by looking at the top down map - how far your radar can see and so on. So, yeah, for a bedroom coded game it is a good product, but otherwise, it's nothing too special. Similarly, yet much more subtle and detailed, Warship is a more serious naval strategy, yet also one harder to play.

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