Port Royale 2

Simulation 2004 Windows Akella Trade or management Historical Strategy Real time

Yo ho ho!

While Assassin's Creed made pirates cool through sword fights and ship battles, emphasising action and adventure, Port Royale takes a more serious approach to history. Set in the 17th century, this is an open-ended business simulation that see players attempting to rise to glory in the Caribbean by fair means or foul. A number of career options are available, from tycoon to buccaneer, with an emphasis on trading and building up your empire through the establishment of strong business relationships with other towns and nations. Real world politics enter into the game, with relations between countries shifting regularly, while historical figures are also encountered periodically, generally behaving in the aggressive manner you might expect. Defeat them, and you will win favour with the authorities, aiding you in your empire building. For those seeking a more leisurely take on pirates than is usually offered, Port Royale is certainly worth investigating. Although slow in pace, especially at the start, it is easy to become engrossed in its superbly realised world. The Caribbean looks gorgeous, even for those accustomed to Black Flag, and with its open-ended structure, the game has high replay value that makes it well worth returning to.

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