Astronomy Quiz

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Astronomy based multiple answer quiz game

Astronomy Quiz, as the title aptly suggests, is a quiz game, with multiple answers to questions, that is based around the world of Astronomy. It is not too diverse or smart in the way these questions are presented to you; it's not a game show or anything, just a bundle of these questions. Answering them right question is vital, as you can only get 3 wrong answers, and then you have to go back to the beginning. You, however, get new marks with good answers, so the idea is to keep having more correct answers than wrong ones, so you can keep on playing. All in all, Astronomy Quiz is simple, it's mostly delivered in text with very scarce and few ASCII graphs, but these are not a rule, they are very rare. It's thus a text based game, and for those that study Astronomy, I'm pretty sure it's going to prove a cool challenge. Something similar, still quiz based, is also The Computer Quiz, and as the name suggests, it's about computer hardware and software, so for those that want to see how much they know about the architecture of computers in general, or the software production of the 80s.

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