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Mediocrfe Trivia game

Wipeout, like the game Jeopardy, is a game that is a manifestation of a TV trivia quiz turned to PC. The gameplay of the game is answering to trivia question by selecting eleven correct answers out of sixteen offered, and each correct answer gives you more and more money. If you hit a wrong answer (Wipeout), you lose all your money. That is the way you play the game more or less untill it is finished and you are left as either a winner or a loser. There are several more rounds that eliminates the losers, and in the end you and your other finalist are on a one on one trivia war and who picks the wrong answer might very easily lose the whole game. The game is mediocre at best, and the game has absolutely no excitement, but it is a pool of knowledge so you get to learn a thing or two, so that can be an extra. The graphics of the game are very simple, with little difference in coloring and bad animation, but it IS an old game. I think this game should be played only if you're very bored and like quiz games, and don't have anything better to do.

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