The Computer Quiz

Puzzle 1988 Dos Softdisk Publishing Word or trivia

It's a Marmite game

This one really shouldn't need much in the way of explaining, given the lack of inspiration that clearly went into its title. However, just in case you are curious about what exactly it might contain, let's have a brief look at it. In a similar fashion to other similar such titles, like Star Trek: The Trivia Game, it's presented as a multiple-choice quiz game. However, instead of dressing things up in gameshow-style fashion, like Wheel of Fortune or Jeopardy, it pretty much sticks to questions and answers presented in dry fashion. The subject here is particularly specialised and the game contains one hundred questions specifically aimed at computer and hardware fans, or rather even more specifically, fans of computer and hardware from the 1980s or thereabouts. You're given three lives and can earn more by getting ten questions in a row correct and obviously lose them when you get a question wrong. There's little to the game other than proving how much or how little you know about the subject, but if you can get the highest possible score of 113, then you can be safe in the knowledge that you really know your stuff. There's some pretty obscure stuff on display here and you can expect to face such tricky questions as 'what is a print spooler?' and 'what is machine language?' and which are supported by such possible answers as 'a computer chip which speeds up text on the computer screen'. This really is a highly specific game that is now only likely to be of interest to a tiny subset of retro fans and it isn't something which you need to try in order to find out if you'll like it. You either know or you don't but if you're still reading by now, you're exactly who this is aimed at.

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