Driver: Parallel Lines

Action 2007 Windows Ubisoft Gangster Car and action 3D action adventure Sport Rally Racing

Play it for the music, not for the action!

Driver: Parallel Lines is a 2007 action game, the fourth of the Driver series. The story brings again TK, who was imprisonned for a crime he wasn't responsible for. Now, after 28 years, he was released, being ready to take his revenge on the cops that sentenced him. And he has reasons, alright, because, I repeat, we are talking here about 28 years of staying in jail! As in the previous games, you will happily notice the GTA style and design. Most of your missions assume cop vehicle chases and if you encounter problems with your car, you can repair it at the specialised shop or you can steal another one. I can compare this game to a GTAVC with many lacks, created in a hurry, without a deep attention to details. The characters from Driver: Parallel Lines seemed free of that stability that normally makes possible that connection between you and him. You can run over the pedestrians with your vehicle, but after a while this can bore you. I found the missions kind of uninteresting and infantile. Even the moments when you get the cops attention aren't able to give you that adrenaline and fun you expect at a first sight. For example, when you engage in chases, the police officers are not that intelligent so to throw obstacles in your way, because they get fooled very easily. Another minus, from this point of view. My advice about Driver 4? Avoid it if you want a real action. The single reason why this game deserves to be played is the excellent and great old music!

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