Two Worlds

RPG 2007 Windows TopWare Interactive Myth and legend 3D action adventure

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Flawed fantasy RPG

This is fairly obscure RPG that takes place in a fantasy environment similar to the likes of Elder Scrolls and while it has some appeal, it is far from the standards of the best of the genre. Gameplay will be familiar to anyone who has played an Elder Scrolls game and plays out in a real-time 3D environment, with players exploring, adventuring, questing and battling against some fairly standard fantasy enemies. The plot revolves around the usual fantasy cliches of a bounty hunter collecting various bits of treasure to prevent the resurrection of an ancient and evil god and is told is typically stilted language with some particularly poor voice acting. The plot is open-ended, and players are free to take on whatever quests they like, which will suit those who like to wander, but which is less satisfying for those who like a tight narrative. As you'd expect, combat plays a big part in the game but is unfortunately repetitive and which is marred by poor controls, especially in the horseback sections. Travelling around the vast world is at least easy enough and the basic gameplay is actually quite compelling. There is a lot of depth on display here, and the game feels like a real RPG, with plenty of opportunities for exploration and character building. Visually, the game seems fairly impressive at first glance with detailed and huge landscapes and lots of characters on screen. However, the animation is poor and the whole thing suffers from some serious slowdown, with other bugs also highly apparent. Two Worlds is certainly no classic RPG, given its many issues and although it is not a complete disaster, only hardcore fans are likely to get much enjoyment out of it. For newcomers, there are better examples out there.

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