Prince of Evil

Action 1993 Dos Dosbox Softstar Entertainment Oriental Military Myth and legend

Top down beat em up in a green and beautiful fantasy world

Prince of Evil sure is an original idea, if not in gameplay or in the type of setting created, than, at the very least in the combination of the genre with the setting. I say that because rarely these games have managed to meld bat em up mechanics with graphic and a story plus setting that is all fantasy tropes; nope, quite rarely. Unless you count Barbarian in which I don't think would be satisfactory, given, mainly, that the top down perspective is missing. And so, with all that in mind, Prince of Evil is a game for those that would like a regular RPG setting, delivered in 16 bit like graphics, as if it were developed for the Super Nintendo console, and done better than expected. It's, though, not an RPG though the story could have sustained a heavier set of battle mechanics, but then again, it's just for the better that novel things are tried by this game. Minuses? Well, some of the more important powerups, that make the game faster and more enjoyable come a little too late... But, well, I guess there's some redeeming value in that too, as you know you have something great to be looking after. So, yeah, download it along with Little Monk similar in graphics, still 16 bit styled, yet a bit more intricate gameplay wise.

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