Wing Commander: the Kilrathi saga

Simulation 1996 Windows Electronic Arts Flight Space combat Space flight

Stunning collection of sci-fi thrills

For gamers who have never been introduced to the space opera thrills and joys of the Wing Commander series, this is the perfect place to start. The Kilrathi Saga is a compilation pack of the first three games in the franchise, with the first two games completely remastered and with new orchestrations of the music, while several bugs have also been fixed. The games are all reasonably similar, very much akin to Freelancer, in that they are space combat simulations and which throw players into the midst of all-out war between humanity and the cat-like and highly aggressive Kilrathi. Part of the appeal of the series is its ongoing and well-developed storyline, which charts the progress of the war as seen through the eyes of Christopher Blair, a pilot who rises through the ranks as the player progresses through the three games. The other big draw is of course the intense and exciting space combat, which really captures the thrills of movies like Star Wars, with several varied and challenging missions to take part in throughout the different games. If you're looking for an epic set of sci-fi experiences, then this is a tough collection to beat. The stories and characters that you will meet are complex, engrossing and memorable, with wonderful attention to detail, while the action itself is fast and furious. Visual and audio presentation remain highly impressive, with superb ship design, effects and slick cutscenes, so this pack really does offer everything you could ask for. Check out the other games in the series too or Wing Commander: Privateer which is an Elite-style spin-off that offers a more free-form experience.

Spectacular Space combat simulation game

This simulation game is probably second to none as it gives you some of the best handmade graphics that were not seen in games of its time. With high resolution, complete polygonal engine with a lot of details and well drafted and textured spaceships. The vision of the field in the game is probably the best among all its versions and gives the gameplay a great feel. You have many combats to counter with internal felines and many combat options which can make you stick to the screen for hours and hours. The history which has been given in the game is also interesting as it makes a good plot. Many interesting scenarios have been built in this fantastic looking handmade graphics game. The controls are smooth and the music is again one of its prime features. It's a classic simulation game where there are many secret missions and options which unfold with every passing mission. For space combat lovers, this game has all the features to give them a great gaming experience. This whole series of games has been great and includes the likes of Wing Commander 2.

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