Wing Commander Prophecy

Simulation 1997 Windows Destination Software Space flight

Another from the space simulation suite.

This one, developed by Origin Systems and published by Electronic Arts in 1997 is the fourth sequel in it's series and is part of the Wing Commander science fiction space combat simulator franchise.The story happens a decade later from Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom and the new threat consists of an insectoid race called the Nephilim that invaded the human galaxy via a wormhole. The player assumes the role of Lance Casey, a young hotshot pilot. The gameplay is kept between video clip moments and auto-animated sequences of the fighter shuttle. The dynamics of the game are good, being in tone with it's contemporaries, the 3rd dimensional transformation being smooth. The audio effects are neat and voices are of good quality. You are periodically being prompted with incoming communications from both sides, the opposition one being untranslatable. The game has two expansion packs, a standalone version called Secret Operations, released in 1998 and a Gold Package. On PC it is only single-player. Overall this game is for you if your a space simulation freak.

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