Privateer Righteous Fire

Simulation 1994 Dos Dosbox ORIGIN Systems Flight Space combat

If you wanted to visit once again the Gemini Sector

Privateer Righteous Fire is a 1994 add-on to the original action simulation game, that brings a new storyline, new weapons and modern items for your ship. Wing Commander is awesome, with an excellent design, graphics, and a tense and exciting action to live, along with the fight scenes. Those that have the same opinion as mine related to Wing Commander, they will also enjoy Privateer Righteous Fire. The Gemini Sector is threatened by a danger, and you are taken once again to Universe to solve the situation. If you risk all your well-earned resources in the combat sequences, you will have only advantages. There are new upgrades available, that weren't present in the original game, but the primary change in PRF is the plot, that will captivate you until the end. The fights are a bit hard to win, and your success depends on the tradings and mercenary work you do. This will raise your cash, and you will be able to buy various upgrades for a better performance of your ship. Well, it was better to have one more fighter, and a ship that could be customizable after the player's preferences and tastes. But, if you were willing to live another adventure in the universe, to visit once again the Gemini Sector and to involve in the combats, you will play Privateer - Righteous Fire with lots of pleasure.

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