Wing Commander: Secret Ops

Simulation 1998 Windows ORIGIN Systems Flight Space combat Futuristic

Much like Prophecy, only harder

Secret ops is a stand alone game derived from the Wing Commander Prophecy saga, although it feels more like an add-on than a true stand alone game, which has it benefits and disadvantages. The story continues right where Prophecy left of, with you having to guard the Earth from nasty aliens that are a big threat. The gameplay is very much like in Prophecy, thus creating that "add-on" feeling, since nothing significant has changed, except the missions are a lot harder. You fly various ships through space and try to shoot down your enemies. Also, like in Prophecy, the game is very fast and action packed and you has all that addictiveness so you will lose yourself in it instantly. The ships have been upgraded a bit and have few new cool weapons. The graphics are more or less also the same, pretty high qual and detailed, continuing the franchise reputation. This game is definitely a great addition to the Wing Commander series and one of the harder ones. Neither fans nor new players will be disappointed.

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