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Horizontal shooter that uses retro as an esthetic

As early as 95 you could source games that were actually trying to look retro, to employ the graphic esthetic that older games were under pressure to use because of a lack of capabilities from their consoles, PCs, cabinets to be better looking. Well, I guess nostalgia was as important to players in 95 as it is today and would invest in experiences that reminded them of games they played back in the day! At any rate, in terms of gameplay experience this is a classic vertical shooter, with a dark, space theme to it. You'll feel as if you were playing an oldschool game, one of those that used synthetic methods to produce the image on screen (vector graphics and the like), thus leading to a more engaging and back to basics feel. At any rate, Prototype is a game that wears its heart on its sleeve and doesn't try to get out of the space it explores, a space that is nonetheless interesting for hardcore arcade lovers, who want a busy pellet hell on screen. Alternatively, see Triplane Turmoil, for another busy and engaging arcader.

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