The Reap

Arcade 1997 Windows Take Two Interactive Side scrolling Flight shooter

Unoriginal but visually stunning and fun blaster

Utilising the isometric viewpoint of Zaxxon and mixing R Type, Gradius and pretty much every other scrolling shooter out there, The Reap is an action-packed blaster that is perfect for some old-school thrills. The game ignores anything approaching a story, instead focussing on providing solid shooting fun across a variety of graphically impressive levels. Environments include an Arctic-style frozen wasteland, an underwater section populated with submarines and genetically altered creatures, and finally a futuristic city filled with gleaming skyscrapers. The obligatory weapons and upgrades are available and include rocket blasters, lightning guns, bombs and shields, all of which can be upgraded and combined. Visually, The Reap really is quite gorgeous, with rich, vibrant colours, insane levels of detail which dare you to take everything in and every graphical effect you can think of. If anything, it's almost too much and things can get a little confusing at times, due to the sheer amount of sprites and effects filling the screen. The game's controls are fluid and responsive and the enemies to be faced are a varied and imaginative bunch, with some particularly impressive bosses. As shooters go, this is an unexpected gem. Although not very deep or original, simply combining elements from every other similar game as it does, it really delivers on the fun factor, providing levels which are intense, challenging and visually stunning. What more could you ask for in a blaster?

Action, visuals, fun - this game has it all!

The Reap is a fantastic side scrolling shooter game that takes the typical elements of all other games of this type and enhances it tenfold by amazing visuals, stunning animation and fantastic gameplay(much like the game Raiden). Considering the game was made and released in the distant 1997, the game is truly revolutionary, graphics wise. There are four worlds in which you can play, and each of the worlds have their unique beautiful design, preceded by fantastic full screen animations that will definitely take your breath away. The gameplay and action are both state of the art, too, from the huge amount of levels in these vast worlds, to various and challenging enemies that are sure to make you break a sweat and make your hear pace a lot faster than usual. The soundtrack that follows the entire experience is also fantastic and very catchy to the ear, and increases the enjoyment level by a hundred. This game is truly an example of how good a game can truly look and play and it will bring you tons of fun for the few hours the game lasts. Highly recommended!

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