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Very complex wargame, yet well executed and playable

Even if this one is for hardcore wargamers, Breach is not a game that makes things even more complicated by means of an intricate and unpolished interface or erroneous use of controls and menus. Nope, it is one of the simplest games to control, even if it doesn't take one iota out of the game complexity, the actual complexity that is welcomed in a wargame that resides in the complications of strategy and war. In terms of art direction and overall quality of the graphics, while not outstanding, Breach won't disappoint either. It uses 2D maps, without trying to represent height maps in some quirky way, but by means of using color to code the details and the materials that constructions and map elements are made of. Thus, this convention is very well conducive to immediate results, and thus, it allows for very finely tuned gameplay, but also very long stretches of gameplay, for those that have the time and patience. The AI is also well polished, not the kind that is a one trick pony only. Nope, it can surprise you, is capable of on the fly reactions as well as of displaying a penchant for long term strategy, but also demonstrating that it will retreat if it has to. Released in the same period as Breach, Rules of Engagement also is worth the download, with a good yet different take on strategy.

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