Qin: Tomb of the Middle Kingdom

Adventure 1995 Windows Attica Mystery Oriental

Adventure classic with great puzzles

For those who love to face a competitive and an intellectual challenge and really want to test their literature reading skills, this game is probably the best in this genre. Your mission in this adventure, puzzle and educational game is find the lost tomb of Qin for which you have to solve a variety of different tough puzzles that can really give you a tough time. The subject in this game has already been addressed in other games and it is very much the same as Riddle of Master Lu. However they have gone a lot tougher in this one as you will have to read through a lot of online literature for solving different puzzles and for getting a grip on the subject. All the puzzles are well incorporated and are quite logical. With a good thinking and a diligent approach, you can solve the puzzles easily and can enjoy the gameplay. This intellectual adventure has been supported by some really good graphics and a user friendly interface which helps you all along your ride. The music is not much intriguing as one might expect with an adventure game but the game has a lot to offer.

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