Byzantine: The Betrayal

Adventure 1997 Windows Discovery Communications Mystery Oriental

A realistic exotic experience

Byzantine: The Betrayal is an adventure game with a first-person perspective. The storyline presents a freelancer journalist that has been invited to Istanbul by his friend, Emre, who promised him a unique experience. When you arrive at Emre's home, you find out he has run way, and you have to discover the secret behind this turn of events. Unfortunately, Emre is found dead and things are getting worse when you become the main suspect. I've always wanted to go to the exotic Istanbul, and this game fulfilled (virtually, as acknowledged) my wish, with the authentic and beautiful panoramas. The realistic locations and the beautifully created interface gave me a pleasant feeling when I played this game. As you advance , you will discover objects that are useful in the future missions based on exploring areas and solving various puzzles. The travelling implies also interacting with people. The whole mystery case combines the realistic photos with full-motion videos, that are almost well-acted. I say this because the actors are kind of bad when performing their role. Above all this, in Byzantine: The Betrayal everything is fascinating, so don't miss the chance of living an exotic experience!

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