Psychic Detective

Adventure 1995 Dos Dosbox Electronic Arts Mystery

One of the best FMV games

Psychic Detective is one of those games that demonstrates that even a game with full motion video can be great. Developed by Colossal Pictures and published by Electronic Arts, the game succeeds where other games in the genre, like Flash Traffic: City of Angels, fail: creating an interaction within a movie, not only by choosing dialogue options, but doing stuff like picking up objects, analyzing them and using clues to solve mysteries. The story of the game revolves around Eric, a detective with psychic powers who needs to solve a murder case. While the game is in first-person, a unique feature of the game is to enter the body of the people that the protagonist stumbles upon. In this way, we can get to know more about what's happening in the game and probably will gather more clues. There is an element in the game call the psychic collectors, which can be used to alter another character's moods or attitudes, however it comes with a price, which is a well decision. While the game screen for the FMV is about 50 percent of the game screen, it's still delivers great acting and a lot of thrills about the situation and encourages gamers to move on. Overall, Psychic Detective is one of the best FMV video games ever released and is worth adding to any gamer's collection of retro videogames.

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