Flash Traffic: City of Angels

Adventure 1994 Dos Dosbox Time Warner Interactive Mystery Movie style

All flash, no substance

Interactive movies were all the rage back in the 1990s as technology allowed the extensive use of FMV to really bring home the feel of a real film but where you could get involved and influence the story. Games such as L.A. Law typify the genre but one thing which marred most efforts is the fact that there really isn't much to do. It's usually simply a case of watching some overlong cutscene played out by some dodgy actors then choosing from a few options in order to advance the storyline (something which the Walking Dead has suddenly made popular again). Flash Traffic is another such effort and while it's not exactly super involving, it actually makes for a reasonably fun game if you're in the mood for not actually doing much. The whole thing plays out like a long episode of CSI or some other crime show, with a convoluted plot involving terrorists trying to blow up LA with a nuclear bomb. As an FBI agent, you get to site through copious amounts of the aforementioned cutscenes and make life and death decisions on such matters as interrogations, drug raids and other exciting things. The decision making aspect of the game is its biggest appeal and it is undeniably interesting for a while, until you realise that none of your decisions really make a great deal of difference in the grand scheme of things. The script isn't too bad if you're into slightly cheesy old-school cop shows, while the acting is all laughably first base stuff but which is again strangely amusing. If you know what you're getting yourself into, this is an interesting diversion but if you go on expecting thought provoking decision making and heart pumping action, you will be sorely disappointed.

Another boring game

Flash Traffic: City of Angels is unfortunately another videogame that fell short of the full-motion craze of the '90s. Developed by Tsunami Media, the same creators who brought us Silent Steel, the game did poorly with consumers, but had quite and interesting idea for a story. It follows an agent from the DEA who tries to stop a band of terrorist from detonating a stolen nuclear bomb hidden somewhere in the city. The game's number one problem is that it has no gameplay. All you do is watch a cutscene, pick a dialogue choice and repeat the same process over and over again. That's NOT how you make a game! It's so boring that you'd be wishing for something different at least for a moment, but unfortunately it's not the case. And to add insult to injury, the videos used in the cutscenes are badly pixelated and the acting is terrible. There is no redeeming fact about this game and it should be thrown into obscurity where it belongs! Overall, stay away as possible from this game! It's not worth your time!

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