Puzzle 1991 Dos AirLAN Tetris variant

Another flavor of the same delightful game of Tetris

We all have our favorite game of Tetris. It may be a platform thing, as some might like to play it on their phones, tablets, TVs even, or the good old PC, but sometimes it might just be a question of nuance. The rules are definitely the same in all iterations: the tetrominoes fall from the sky as the Tetris God (sic!) commands, while you, the player is tasked with arranging them so that they form cohesive lines. Easier said than done, at times, as the God might be fickle and his choices might not go hand in hand with your current piece arrangement. But enough about the rules, as everyone must know them. Let's see what Tetris (1991, AirLAN) has different. Well, for starters, the graphic style in quite personal to this one. The game looks as if it is embroiled onto the screen. Yes, it has a certain look that seems handmade, but nevertheless, the 8 bit look is also strong within. So, why would you pick this one out when Tetris Classic or Super Tetris have long been established as the kings of PC Tetris? Well, maybe because of the specific graphic style, or maybe because you knew it from back in the day. At any rate, the game has no hidden caveats or technical particularities that will make it a lesser or, for that matter better option, so, ultimately, it's up to you. Tetris (1991, AirLAN) will definitely wait patiently for you to discover it!

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