Small Tetris

Puzzle 1992 Dos Tore Bastiansen Tetris variant

A classic DOS looking Tetris variant

Small Tetris is an late era DOS Tetris game, that looks kind of retro, uses ASCII like (though not ASCII characters, in truth) building blocks to create the tetrominoes and overall, is a pretty good looking, pretty original and well produced game, overall. The game, indeed takes place in a very small portion of the entire screen; in fact the, credits box is bigger than the actual window in which the game takes place, hence the name. But, I find this look pretty well chosen for Tetris; especially for those that have played the game on the dedicated LCD consoles that were very easy to find in the late 80s and throughout the 90s, the game will look more familiar; since you don't have to cover a larger portion of the screen with your eyes when playing, the game simply is less taxing on your eyes, at least as movement goes. The colors, well, that's another story; you have to be okay with the early days saturated colors of the DOS era, which were alright, but definitely not soft and easy on the eyes! But, it controls easily, with no quirks, and so it's a definitively worthy game to have in your Tetris variations collection. As is Acid Tetris, for when you want a little better quality graphics yet still a retro feel.

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