Puzzle 1992 Dos Dosbox Spectrum Holobyte Tetris variant

Fun and inovative

Wordtris is an intriguing Tetris meets Scrabble game in which you have to arrange falling blocks, only the blocks are letters and to clear a line, you have to form an intelligeble letter. The more letters, more points you get. The game deals with letters up to 5 letter very well, but for letters with 5 words, the game can be problematic. The blocks are nicely red with orange letters and you can form words either perpendicular or horisontal. As in both Tetris and Scrabble, you will get hooked soon and will continue to play for hours on end, because the letter combinations can be infinite, it all depends which letter will fall and where will you put it. The has a very nice looking layout, with the game panel on the left and the score panel on the right, with words that were already written in a list. The game has a funny russian folk tune during gameplay, making it more fun and interesting. The game is very original and very interestsing and I suggest you try it. But cook your meal and do every other chore you have, because you might get lost in time and space playing it

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