Rad van Fortuin

Puzzle 1990 Dos E-Z Productions Word or trivia

The Wheel of Fortune, Belgium and Netherlands style!

Well, dear Belgians and Netherlanders, (who are fluent in English!) this is the PC game you want to play if you want to try out a digitized version of The Wheel of Fortune, the TV wheel based thriller (!) and pop culture know how inspection (!) game. Or, maybe in your country the game of the same name is built some other way, in which case, I will have to apologize for working on an assumption. Nope, I've not seen your Netherlander TV shows, nor your Belgian video streams of the TV of the 90s and later 90s era, but this I'm sure, this video game, is a pretty similar to the American version. So, there you go, want to be quizzed in your own language, this is the way to do it! Want to earn digital (worthless!) money and digital single player (not that worthless!) fame? This is it, this is your window of opportunity. Window of opportunity which is delivered in 2D, with ok overall graphics, questions I was unable to scrutinize, neither in diversity nor in depth, but I assume they won't require astrophysics curriculums to be able to answer and, that overall, colorful, cheesy atmosphere that the Wheel of Fortune used to sport, I would assume, throughout the world! Well, there you have it, and if you want it, go and grab it!

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