Arcade Trivia Quiz

Puzzle 1989 Dos Zeppelin Games Word or trivia

Art, literature, music, film, sport etc. trivia

Arcade Trivia Quiz is a very diverse trivia game, that contains a lot of questions form pop culture areas, as well as literary type questions. Thus, you can get a good combination of art, literary work questions, films, sports, history and geography and even more. It can be played by 1 player in single or multiplayer mode for up to 3 players. You play for points, and the game has a game show type of build, which makes it even more exciting and interesting to sink into. Graphically, it's got a very cool combination of the most cute graphics, cartoonish, built around a cartoon like world. The questions are delivered in multiple answer format, and the players have to be quick to respond, by pressing a button. If they get it wrong, points are deducted from their point basket. Each player also chooses a category, as long as he's a winner of the previous round. And so, you will find this game to be pretty cool and it can be a heated experience also. So have it in your collection if you love trivia. It can be a great party game, as Wheel of Fortune was as well.

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