Star Trek TNG: The Trivia Game

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Are you a real ST TNG geek?! Find out now!

Star Trek: The Next Generation – Trivia is a trivia based game, and all of the questions are based on the second installment of the Star trek TV series. Thus, if you known more than who Picard was, who troy was, what happened at Tanagra, and what's the name of data's cat, this one's going to be for you! In terms of graphics, this is a little underwhelming a game, with just a little bit more than just the basic lines and dots, as well as the text questions, plus your multiple answer questions. But, underwhelming graphically, the wealth of questions, that dives into the technology, races, deck personnel, apparel, conflicts and so on, of the series, is an absolute joy for a real fan of the series. Also, you can play with friends, so if you have a Trek clique, present them, out of the blue, with this great trivia game, and you can be sure that awesomeness will ensue! A good digital guide to have around, that may aid you in beating St: TNG – Trivia, is Star Trek TNG: Interactive Technical Manual, which is a beautifully realized guide to the Next Gen series, containing lots of cool info about anything and everything TNG.

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