Rails Across America

Strategy 2001 Windows BMS Modern Games Handelsagentur Historical Business Tycoon style

Conquer America with your trains!

Rails Across America is a 2001 real-time strategy game where you will have the chance to conquer North America, but not with guns or heavy military forces. You will do this with trains! Embark in this great railroad adventure set in the year 1830, extending to the near future! So, the scenarios cover a very long period of time. You will take decisions related to your activities on rails: expanding, competing, summoning privileges from officials, leaders and other powerful representatives. One thing surprised me: the possibility to colabotate with your rivals on the railways, all this for beneficial purposes. In order to establish and achieve a great reputation in a country this enormous, you will have to invest in your actions. Some of the aspects you have to take into account are the time, money, hard effort. Speaking of effort, you will have a great work to take care of, like managing and running hundreds of train stations, buildings and other related elements. You will also purchase new trains, locomotives, that will travel on your constructed railroads. You will be very proud and excited of the results! As the game progresses, new modern technologies will be available. Your main purpose is to stay strong in the competition and not to go bankrupt or to give up. Play Rails Across America, and see for yourself if this game surclasses or refreshes one of the representatives of this genre. I say this: you will have a pleasant surprise!

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