Taipan for Windows

Strategy 2002 Windows Historical Business

Deep simulation, more palatable graphically than its original

Taipan! was a mighty serious simulation of business, a game that was originally released back in the 80s, but, of course, even in spite of its great simulation prowess, it couldn't really win the battle with time. Originally it was as minimalist as today, only a few BIOSes still are! And so, a group of enthusiasts have come to the conclusion that the original was worth rewriting for Windows, with as many of the amenities of modern development tools. Thus, the white over black is long gone and now you can play it with a bit more color and in the very nice windows environments that were introduced with Win XP. Yep, it's a modern game, but it's still a barebones math simulation; that is where it shines. Don't expect cute classical graphics, nope, just a windows styled windows bound sim, of great scale. For those that want something much less demanding intellectually, my go to relaxing economic sim is Lemonade Stand which I totally recommend you try, if you want relaxing! If you want hardcore gameplay Taipan (for Windows) will provide.

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