Pizza Syndicate

Strategy 1999 Windows Software 2000 Business Trade or management Tycoon style

Bon apetit and gaming experience!

Bon giorno! Today I will review an old love discovered when I was a big gamer. I am talking about Pizza Syndicate, that seduced me even from the start, and not because I am a huge fan of pizza. It distinguishes from its prequel with its original idea. In the first game of Pizza Tycoon series, your main objective was to build pizza restaurant chains in the most important cities, using more or less legal means, along with sabotage moves against your rivals. Pizza Syndicate (alternative title: Fast Food Tycoon) is the second adventure that requires a player whose inner manager is ready to make huge business (taking care also of the infrastructure, finances, staff, menu, advertising, etc)! This game enchants us with the same funny animated graphics (with small improvements), with more complex elements regarding the gameplay, and with a new AI dedicated for the Italian cuisine fiery enthusiasts. It's easy to play and very fun as your proceed! The first step is renting a space. Then you will upgrade it with the most important elements important for making pizzas and attracting clients. If you are not pleased about the dimension of your commercial space, you can extend it. Depending on your staff's skills and commitment to your business, you can choose who can work for you. In order to know how to deal with the competition and how to stay on top, you can send spies and take a look at others activity. Pay attention to remain anonymous! Of course, you can choose to ally with some popular gangs, and roll money doing shady activities, as we were already familiar with in Pizza Tycoon. Just avoid law enforcements! In view of all this, bon apetit and have a pleasant gaming experience!

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