Overlord: Raising Hell

RPG 2007 Windows Codemasters Action based Medieval 3D action adventure Action

Wanna raise some hell?

The original Overlord was a delightfully dark and twisted take on the RTS genre, which updated the likes of Dungeon Keeper to great effect. It gave players the chance to be be the bad guy for a change, and allowed them to send out their minions on quests which took them over to the dark side with alarming frequency. Raising Hell is an expansion or add-on rather than a true sequel but it retains its predecessor's charms and adds in enough new content to make it well worth picking up if you want to see what things are like on the other side for a change. The gameplay is broadly similar to the earlier game, and sees you in charge of a bunch of crazed little guys who you can send out to smash, steal and destroy whatever they come across, with the aim of showing the other races of this twisted fantasy world just who's boss. This time though, you get to explore a load of new and very dark levels, each of which is a corruption of the five main worlds from the earlier game. New units are also added in to give the game so more variety and which helps to make the game stand out a little more. Raising Hell is an undeniably enjoyable slice of strategy action. It's not radically different from the main game but if you enjoyed that, then you're certainly going to get a kick out of this. It's got the same lush but twisted visual style, with the new levels looking delightfully macabre, with lots of detail to draw the eye, while the gameplay remains as compelling as ever. Good, solid, dark, twisted fun!

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