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Greatest racing from late 80s

Stunts is a racing game but it is not a conventional racing theme as the name suggests. Here you will definitely be racing but the racing this time is full of action and variety. You can either race with some opponent or you can do the same alone. The first trait in the game is the gameplay that will involve you to do racing on tracks that have a wide variety of cuts, obstacles and terrains that will really give you a tough time. The tracks in the game will also involve horizontal and vertical loops and you need to be very good with the controls to counter them without crashing. The best feature in the game is the editing which you can do with the tracks. The track editor is very diverse and allows you to make a great variety of tracks which can range from easy to mediocre and rom mediocre to very tough. This gives the game a great deal of replay value as you can design your own tracks and play over and over again. The graphics in the game are alluring and the controls are simply crisp. It's a job well done by all means. Stunt Driver is a good alternative if you want a racing game with the same theme.

Prototypical driving game combining 3D and 2D elements

What makes this game special is the way it manages to combine the usage of 3D elements with static scenery and sprite, in a very clean and very good looking manner. Also, to top it all off, the game is very nicely done from a physics simulation point of view. Don't expect the kind of realism that only a few very late comers could produce, but still, for its age, the beginning of the 90s, it showed incredible progress and promise. Other than that, the game plays very nicely, with responsive controls, and a few types of options at your disposal, namely, choosing your car, your track and the number of opponents you want to race against. Truth be told, while the cars and not that varied in the way they drive, at least 2 of them will really require that you tackle corners very differently. But mostly the feel is more or less the same. You also get a few other options to customize the cars, but for all intents and purposes you can hit play right away, the game doesn't unbalance the vehicles so you can go for some superfluous tinkering. Give this a try as it is just as good as the first few NFS games, with a more ingrained sense of simulation trespassing from 4D Sport Driving

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