World Rally Fever: Born on the Road

Racing 1996 Dos Dosbox Split Rally Off road Go Kart Arcade

A cool go kart game

This is a very fun and addictive go kart racing game that offers nothing more in the world of racing games, but is still highly entertaining. You race along with seven other racers over various off road terrains and you all want to get to the first place. As in Wacky Wheels or Street Racer, you have cool weapons that you can pick up along the way and use against other player to debilitate them from further racing. You have a rather large selection of drivers, the hairy monkey being my favorite :) The level designs are really fantastic, as you race in towns, over various off road terrains, all in great detail. Overall graphics are in high detail and very colorful, with a lot detail. It has fantastic animation and very decent sound effects. While the game brings nothing new to the racing game world, the game is still a lot of fun and a great choice for some good afternoon fun for the whole family or for kids when they have some time off to play.

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