Rally Championship

Racing 1994 Dos Flair Software Rally Arcade style Gran Turismo

Numerous tracks with great cars

It is an excellent rally simulation which is as diverse in variety as one might want. Starting with the car physics, the controls and the turns are very good and can be managed with reasonable ease. The most exciting trait that I have found about this game is the variety that it has. You have a lot of top notch racing cars to choose from and will be racing on different courses at different venues all over the world for the purpose of winning prize money. The prize money that you win in race will help you to buy even more exciting and pricey cars. The courses in the game are also of diverse variety as you get to race in wet land, in snowy tracks and on the bustling city streets. The courses even include lush tropical forests and this really fascinates the user while playing the game. Either you can opt for a single race or can go for the world tournament with great competition. The smooth transitions and the graphical animations of the cars are very well defined and give the racing action a lot of vibe. For every race or track, you have both daytime and nighttime mode which makes the courses double in number. So it's a real diverse game by all means. The successor to this game is even better and is known as Rally Championship 2000.

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