Super Star Wars

Arcade 1988 Dos Dosbox Domark Shooter Futuristic Epic

Superb movie tie-in

The Star Wars license has resulted in a huge variety of games over the years, some great (Dark Forces and X-Wing), some poor (Yoda Stories and Force Commander). Super Star Wars is fortunately one of the better examples out there, offering as it does some exciting platforming action mixed in with an authentic Star Wars flavour. This one follows the plot of Episode 4 pretty closely and sees players controlling Luke, Han and Chewie through a number of levels inspired by the movie and which replicate the major scenes in loving detail. Most of the levels are side-scrolling, mixing elements of traditional platformers as well as blasters like Contra and Gunstar Heroes, but there are also 3D third-person levels where you jump into the cockpit of Luke's land speeder or X-Wing. These provide a nice bit of variety but to be honest, the main levels are good enough that the game almost doesn't need them. Super Star Wars really is a great example of the run 'n' gun genre, offering plenty of slick entertainment that really nails the source material's feel and atmosphere. The graphics are great, with every character and environment instantly recognisable, while the animation is nicely fluid and with everything moving along at a great pace. The sound too is spot on, with all the effects you know and love from the movies and which enhance the game's appeal no end. Fortunately, the gameplay lives up to the visual and audio presentation and the action is endlessly enjoyable, challenging and a lot of fun, and which really makes you feel like you're taking part in the movie. If you like Star Wars or just enjoy great action games, this is a must play.

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