Arcade 1990 Dos Dosbox Microsoft Shooter Challenges Epic

Simple and addictive fun

Not a very sophisticated arcade shooter game, but the game is fun all the way. The premise here is very simple and inviting. You will play a huge gorilla whose aim in the game is to hit the opponent using bananas. Well you can either hit the opponent being run by the computer or you can hit the opponent as your buddy playing on the same PC. The game despite its simple plot is very competitive because hitting with the banana is not easy at all. You will have to consider two factors here, one is the control of the direction while hitting and the other is the power of the throw. The wind will play its bit so you have to manage the direction very well. The fun thing about the cute banana is that if they hit the buildings, they explode! Yes they do and you can make way to the opponent through exploding buildings. However you can also hit the opponent avoiding the building. The controls in the game are perfect and the graphics are very cute and engaging. The interface is very simple yet inviting but it is the gameplay which is really good about it. Tank wars 3.0 is another similar game which requires hitting via aiming and controlling power.

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