Sky Shark

Arcade 1987 Dos Dosbox Taito Vertical shooter Epic

Raiden like vertical shooter. Very nice!

Sky Shark is a top down vertical shooting game done well, produced in the same kind of limits and ideas as an older game from creators of great forward scrolling games, Taito, whom were the ones that produced Raiden and a lot of other very well done shooters and left to right, to up and down bundles of joy! Graphically, having been deployed in 89, it is, of course, basic 8 bit graphically, but that is not an issue. The places you'll go and the enemies you'll fight and everything in between is very well produced, and thus, effectively, creates a wonderful, all around experience, the kind that keeps you hooked for long. It's a hard game after the first few missions, but that too is in its advantage, and is not only in the overwhelming number of enemies that makes it harder, but also smart barrages and fire spreads that need to be tackled smartly, strategically. Thus, being highly playable, it is a game that deserves praises as well as a place in your DosBox box, and it also deserves to be dedicated a few minutes of your breaks or even, for hardcore fans, an entire afternoon. It's got the potential!

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