River Run

Arcade 1996 Dos Run Productions Vertical shooter Flight shooter Epic

Get blasting

Here comes another suspiciously familiar looking game which even bears a similar title to what is undoubtedly its inspiration. Just in case you're not aware of the game which is being referred, Activision once produced a scrolling shooter called River Raid which, while unoriginal, is regarded as something of a minor classic. River Run bears striking similarity to the aforementioned title, along with a number of other vertical shooters from Xenon to 1943, and while it too lacks anything really new, it remains fun for genre fans. The aim of the game is simple enough, and a far cry from hardcore blasters like Tyrian and The Reap, and merely requires players to pilot their dinky little aircraft up a river, while merrily blasting all and sundry which come their way, including helicopters, planes and ships. Fuel plays a part too and you have to keep an eye on your reserves while looking out for handy refueling points, which adds a nice extra element to proceedings. There's a few clever little mechanics at play here which help to render the game something a little more interesting, such as the risk/reward system of points versus upgrades options. There's also a neat two player mode thrown into things to help add even more appeal, while the controls and visuals are respectively, intuitive and simple but highly appealing. River Run is not exactly a classic shooter and if you're looking for the slick graphics and mad powerups of the aforementioned games, then this might prove disappointing. However, if you're after an unpretentious but enjoyable little game, then this should be right up your alley.

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