Layer Section

Arcade 1996 Windows Interplay Vertical shooter Flight shooter

Fast paced arcade bonanza vertical shooter!

Layer Section was first released for the Sega Saturn console, but it took its cues from the fireball hell arcaders that took vertical shooting to another level. Sure, this game is still European in its density of action per inch(TM!) but it still is a might powerful shooter. So, you will immediately know the drill, what's up: the game slowly crawls you (a ship looking for whatever upgrades it can find) upwards, or, maybe, you're the one doing the thrusting and the world is crawling, hmm, I'm confused… never mind! You have to shoot everything (expect certain upgrades, which, if shot, will be downgraded, just like in 1942, the NES classic) and dodge that which cannot be shot (TM!), which is both missiles and regular bullets as well as some of the kamikaze ships, or the ones you've missed. At any rate, after a few levels, the game really picks up and it ups the ante with some really nice bosses. These require pattern learning, a dash of luck and also a lot of concentration. So, all in all, Layer Section is a very fast paced vertical shooter, very arcade like. You'll love its simplicity and its graphical beauty and the distressing effects that it can bestow upon you!

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