Arcade 1992 Dos Mountain King Studios Vertical shooter Flight shooter

Good but monotonous space shooting arcader

Galactix is the kind of downwards scrolling shooter set in a 2D space inspired theme, which while being ok, has noting special to show for itself. It manages to get the controls right, the enemies as well, but when it comes to any original idea, there is a long pause. You thus play for a while, expecting for something more uncommon to happen, but after a while, when you are pretty sure that is not going to happen, you simply abandon it and move on. Graphically the game is more than ok, with clean graphics, with enemy ships that are highly distinguishable between themselves. The designs unfortunately, are not too varied. You get multiple skins for them and a couple of behaviors and that is pretty much it. The game manages to increase its difficulty later on by speeding up their movement, which is of course lazy and not the best solution for this type of game. There are a few bosses to fight with in the game as well, but they too suffer from the same laziness and the same unfortunate mistakes that run amok through the regular enemies. Definitely a good game for fans of the genre, but nothing special to talk about or stick to your mind.

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