Arcade 1993 Dos Patrick Pich Vertical shooter Flight shooter

A top down arcade vertical shooter; alright

Bomber puts you in the cockpit of a very hefty bomber plane, and offers you a top down perspective, forward scrolling look in the world of the game. And, it sure is a classic world this one, with loads of enemy planes warming the skies, with lots of Earth bound units also looking to shoot you down, and with occasional upgrades, which, if you manage to shoot down, they will better your equipment, fire power, life points and so on. Each level ends with a boss, but the first few ones are quite unimpressive. Instead, a lot harder to negotiate are the swarms of enemy planes which come later in the game, which offer little escape, unless you know how to direct their fire, and know how to evade a bullet hell. It's a pretty cool game Bomber, pretty well done, interesting from many points of view, but in terms of vertical shooting, it's by no means in the top. It's too repetitive, with the graphics overlapping over and over again, without even the slightest change in the color of the tiles and textures. But it controls easily. Download it alongside Zone 66 for a similar era flight forward scrolling option.

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