Arcade 1991 Dos Microsoft Challenges Casual

A clone of Snake, for Windows OS

It's weird that Microsoft didn't pour a little bit more effort, graphically, in this game. Because, from all the other points of view, the game sure is worth it, however, it looks bad! Then again, to produce a clone of snake, with this level of no original ideas is a big letdown. However, what I learned to appreciate about these games is that they play windowed without issues, will store your high score, and offer you a few minutes of refreshing disconnection, and then you can just forget about them This is great, as it means that the game itself won't really be so enticing as to keep you away from a productive task, but it is enough of an amusement to fill a few dull moments. So, because it's rather on the ugly side, graphically, it's a feature, for this one, because it will just keep you from playing excessively. Other than that, gameplay wise you'll know it. It's the Nokia phone classic, where you wield a snake in a maze or in a confined space, looking to eat all the pellets and the other additions. The more you eat and the faster (for the upgrades) the more points you have. Why would you care for points? Well, because of virtual e-peen and all that. Try it, it's as addictive as it should be, and by that I mean moderately! Else, download Microsoft's bundle of classic arcaders.

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