Alien Force

Arcade 1990 Dos Robert Epps Challenges Puzzle based Casual

Destroy the enemy ships!

Alien Force is a top down action game, kind of in the style of an arcade shooter, in which you control a ship and have to take out the other alien ships. It's from a top down perspective and the entire world of the game is contained in but one single screen. The similarities, at lest in what involves the controls of your ship, are very close to games such as Asteroids, only that the ships in the space are also shooting back at you, though you also risk bumping into them, and that too will get you to lose a one up. The quality of the graphics though is pretty nice, pretty interesting, and with that in mind, you can be sure that you will find Alien Force quite pleasing. Sure, it's got just a few types of enemies and even fewer levels, but the replayability is large enough, to warrant a satisfying experience. All in all, Alien Force is worth looking into, if you like shooting games and if you like one screen contained games, without a lot of colors to take away your attention and tire you prematurely.

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