Falcon Beertender

Arcade 2000 Windows E-Game Humorous Challenges Casual

Humorous game

Want to try to be a bartender? Then, enjoy Falcon Beertender, a very classic casual game that you may have seen in many shapres. This version, in particular, is an action humorous and fun game which has really set the tone for an addictive gameplay. The plot in the game is also not a common one as your mission as the barkeeper is to serve the customers with beer before they reach the counter. If you fail to do so, the customers will hit you and will result in a loss of life as you only have 3 to deal with. As the barkeeper, you should be very active in your decision making and should always have an eye on what your customer wants. Sometimes they will throw mugs at you for the refill and you have to catch them and fill them up. If you do not catch it and it breaks, it will again result in a loss of life. Another important thing that you need to take care of when tossing the mug back to the customers is that you are not providing extra beer than needed because it would again result in breaking the mug and loss of life. In terms of the graphics, the game is very attractive and detailed and the user interface and the controls are also perfect. Overall it is sheer addictiveness. Sumo Carrier is another game which I have found to be quite addictive.

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