Earthworm Jim 3D

Action 1999 Windows Interplay Robots Platformer 3D Adventure

Jim s take on that 64 bit platformer adventure craze

Earthworm Jim 3D is a game that remains faithful to its not so humble beginnings, managing to cram quite a bit of platforming and action bits in its third person, 3D world, while also managing to create an easy to play adventure, without camera angles getting in the way or other problems to take you out of the experience. So, Earthworm Jim 3D at its core is still a classic platformer, keeping true to some of the staples that made it impressive and original, its whip mechanics and some of the other bits that were its own from the beginning. The style is also pretty in tune with other adventures of the same 64 bit in 3D type platformer era, say one of the Super Mario titles of the era; it's thus colorful, cheery, pretty diverse and quirky to control at times, but mostly very simple and very considerate with its players, never introducing new elements without the proper exposition. So, if you ever craved Earthworm Jim in 3D, this is it, a game that makes it all work, that is very satisfying and very entertaining throughout. Try, for god measure the older 2D titles as well, as these too are worth a visit, without question.

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